Engaging the community and culture of greater Pasadena with the love of Jesus.


Although a fancy word, we believe incarnation incapsulates the fullness of Jesus. Incarnation means the fullness of God and the fullness of humanity can co-exist in the same place. We hope to be a community of people who create space, and live lives, where the best of our humanity and the fullness of God can be expressed.


Often, ‘innovative’ is not the first word you think of when you think of church. However, we hope to be innovative in the way we engage in our local neighborhoods, and in the ways we express ourself as the church.


Wherever you find yourself in life, as a person, and on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to fully participate in our community. We believe the communion table invites all of humanity exactly where they find themselves to join in the journey with Jesus.


We desire to be people who live integrated lives. We strive to erase the lines of sacred and secular by becoming people who see God in the everyday. Our desire is to be honest with who we are, and trust that God uses all aspects of ourselves, whether good or bad, and everything in between.


We believe that one of the best ways to live out our hopes is through investing into our neighborhoods with our money. Money is often something that divides and defines us, we'd rather see money unite and reconcile us. Our missional money goes to support individuals and families in need, local non-profits, other churches, micro-loans, international organizations, and the support of local schools and small businesses.